There is an agreement between the client and €urotripadviser once the client has accepted the first proposal sent by the trip adviser and paid the service fee of 60 eur per person +21% Dutch VAT. This fee gives the client access to the services of a personal trip adviser as described in our website and needs to be paid immediately.

The service fee is not refundable should the client ultimately not wish to book the proposed travel arrangements through €urotripadviser. This fee is however deducted from the total handling fee at a later stage when travel arrangements are booked through €urotripadviser.

As a result of the above stated agreement, the client accepts €urotripadviser’s way of working: the client consequently agrees to submit his/her credit card details at a later stage when the final proposal has been accepted through the registration form and authorizes €urotripadviser to use the provided credit card details to make bookings on his/her behalf. The provided data will solely be used to make the necessary bookings which have previously been agreed upon in the final proposal. For the client’s own safety, the CVC code will be submitted by other means than the registration form. The trip adviser is required to carry on with his/hers functions to the satisfaction of the client until a final proposal and to respect the confidentiality of the client’s data.


€urotripadviser is liable for the quality of service provided by its own trip advisers but can, on no account, be held liable for the quality of services of third parties. Since payment of the travel components is done directly with the client’s credit card, the relationship, and so the final agreement with regard to the travel components, is consequently and exclusively between the supplier of any travel service and the client himself.

Any complaint about a travel component should be directed directly to the provider of the service. Consequently, any application for compensation should be sent directly to the service provider. You may ask your trip adviser to be an intermediary for linguistic reasons. This service is free of charge.


As stated in the above section, there is an agreement between the client and €urotripadviser only once the service fee of 60 eur per person + 21%Dutch VAT has been paid. At the end of stage 2, the client can take the decision to proceed with €urotripadviser or to stop. The service fee is not refundable should the client not wish to book the proposed travel arrangements through €urotripadviser.

When a client wishes to proceed, the client authorizes €urotripadviser to use the provided credit card details to make bookings on his/her behalf and accepts to pay the handling fee of 11% (+21% Dutch VAT) when paid with own credit card and 12.5% (+21% Dutch VAT) when payment through Mijnvakantiecoach of the total tour price. The service fee is deducted from the total handling fee. Only when the amount of the handling fee is paid to €urotripadviser, will the client receive the travel documents and confirmations for every single booking (e-tickets, confirmation mails, vouchers…).

Failure to pay the handling fee within the give time frame will first lead to a warning. Failure to pay the handling fee within 5 working days of the warning will lead to a cancellation of all travel arrangements by €urotripadviser. The client is not entitled to any refund from €urotripadviser. Since the contract is directly between the client and all the service providers, any financial consequences resulting from the cancellation will have to be sorted between these two parties.


The amounts debited on the client’s credit card may be in foreign currencies and are consequently submitted to foreign exchange rates. The ultimate amount debited may therefore differ from the amount originally advised. However the difference should not exceed 3% of the original amount. The amount in the foreign currency should at all times be the same as originally advised. The handling fee is to be paid in Euros. To have a conversion rate please refer to http://www.xe.com/.


The invoice for the handling fee will only be sent once all the various travel components of the trip have been successfully booked and the other travel arrangements have been agreed upon. The handling fee is a rate of 11%+21% Dutch VAT or 12.5%+21% Dutch VAT calculated on the total tour price, i.e all the bookings made by €urotripadviser on behalf of the client and the travel arrangements that cannot be booked online but which are part of the tour and for which the client has given his/hers agreement. The service fee is deducted from the total handling fee. €urotripadviser’s services end once the client has received all the travel documents and confirmations. Of course €urotripadviser always remains at its clients’ disposal even at a later stage.


€urotripadviser does not offer any travel insurances. It is therefore strongly advised to request a cancellation as well as a travel insurance before proceeding with bookings. Repatriation should be included.


Whenever possible, €urotripadviser may advise its clients on the entry requirements, passports and visas, health matters, weather for each visited country. However it is the client’s responsibility to be in possession of the appropriate and valid travel documents. €urotripadviser cannot be held responsible for any consequence resulting from the fact that a client is not in possession of such appropriate and valid documents. The financial costs that may be involved are solely for the client’s account.


Should a client need to make some changes or cancel any booking made by the trip adviser on his behalf, apply only to the terms and conditions of each single supplier.

€urotripadviser will inform its clients about any changing and/or cancellation fees that may apply. The client may also check directly on the supplier’s website.

In addition to the changing fees and the additional costs charged by the supplier to change an existing booking, €urotripadviser will charge an extra administration fee amounting 15.00 eur per booking. This administration cost needs immediate payment.

When cancelling already booked services, will apply exclusively the cancellation terms and conditions of the supplier. Furthermore a cancellation fee of 30.00 eur per booking will be charged by €urotripadviser.

When cancelling travel components that already have been requested by the client but not yet booked by €urotripadviser, no cancellation fee applies but the amount of this travel component remains in total tour cost for the calculation of the handling fee.

Refunds: when payment with own credit card, refunds of canceled travel components will be paid into the client's account. Should there be a difference between the price paid and the price refunded, the client cannot claim this difference from €urotripadviser and the client still needs to pay the cancellation fee to €urotripadviser.

When payment through €urotripadviser/Mijnvakantiecoach, refunds that will be paid into €urotripadviser /Mijnvakantiecoach will be settled with the cancellation that the client needs to pay.


The flight schedules mentioned at the time of booking are always subject to change. Should there be any change in schedule, €urotripadviser will adapt your trip accordingly and free of charge. We however are not liable for the consequences resulting from the traveler not accepting the alternative flights offered by the airline or the alternative arrangements offered by €urotripadviser . Neither is a reason for cancellation of the trip.


€urotripadviser is committed to a professional execution of its agreement with the client, but shall under no circumstances be liable for the consequences resulting from a cancellation on the client’s part in the event of force majeure, natural disasters, war, heavy political unrest illness of the passenger, theft and/or loss, delays and changes in flight schedules.

If the trip is cancelled before or during the journey because of one of the above mentioned reasons, €urotripadviser is not financially liable and the traveler may not submit any application for compensation. €urotripadviser will however remain at its client’s disposal for any assistance during such events and will advise the client to the best of its ability.


Complaints during the trip should be directly reported to supplier of the service.  Although €urotripadviser is not liable for the quality of services of third parties, we would appreciate if you could inform us of such complaints upon your return to enable us to take the appropriate measures.

Complaints about the performance of your trip adviser should be sent directly to info@eurotripsadviser.com to the attention of Caroline Ripolles Boeyum.